My Drawing Process

My drawing process is pretty simple. I don’t use a computer or other technology to generate an image, although I do use a computer to view the original photo to get the correct coloring. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to do a good digital drawing. My process includes picking up a pencil, sketching an image on white, heavyweight paper (approx. 100-150lb), coloring it in with colored pencils, and adding some highlights with acrylic paint (usually white). Pure and simple art. :)

My drawing style…

My style of drawing has changed widely over the years, but for the past few years I have concentrated on drawing in colored pencils (with some added white acrylic for highlights). I guess you could call me a “Pencil Painter,” because I paint with pencils. They’re easy to work with, never dry out, allow quick changes, and I think they are an enjoyable medium to create in.

UPDATE March, 2015: It’s been just over a year since my mom passed away. I’ve slowly started to get back to drawing and painting, but not with colored pencils. My mom was such a huge supporter of my work, and her not being here to see any new colored pencil drawings feels a bit strange to me. I’m not saying that I’ll never work in colored pencils again… but for now, I’ve taken a liking to watercolors! Stay tuned for some new paintings to be added to this site. Until then, you can view my latest works on my Facebook page. :)

Testimonials & Comments…

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