As any artist would, I really enjoy hearing how much you enjoy your drawing. It means so much, that something I created could evoke such emotion in someone else.

Besides the testimonials here, there are many located underneath the photos on my Instagram page. I always forget to tell everyone to leave their thoughts here as well. :)

There are testimonials included underneath most of my animal art. If I’ve drawn your furry or feathered baby and would like to share your thoughts here, please do leave your comments below. If you would like to just leave a comment about my art, I would so love for you to do so too! <3
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Have I drawn your furry or feathered baby? Please share your thoughts below!

If you would just like to leave a comment, please leave one here. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Muruvvet Yilmaz says:

    When we received Apple’s portrait, we were amazed by how beautiful and detailed her portrait is! JM has a great eye that catches the best details that would reflect the most realistic image of our Apple. She even put Apple’s beauty spot on her nose in the drawing which was a very cute thought! :) We will get it framed and hang it in our home to see this beautiful work every day <3 Thank you JM for this amazing work! I recommend my friends and everyone to contact you for their portraits!

    • DrawingMom says:

      Thank you so much!! Apple is such a sweet little dog — you can see that from the photos you share with everyone. I’m so glad you enjoy her painting!! :)

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