Hi! I’m glad you came to inquire about commissioning a drawing!

As of 2014: I am no longer working in colored pencils. Paintings are completed with watercolors, on 140lb high quality watercolor paper. Each painting is sprayed with a matte finish UV-Resistant clear acrylic coating before shipping. See below for watercolor pricing.

It starts with a great photo…

I currently offer 8″x10″ commissioned watercolor paintings of your furry & feathered babies!

When I am working on a piece, I devote my full attention to it. Working on one piece at a time allows me to concentrate on it fully, and many times lets me complete it sooner than if I were to work on a multiple pieces at once. :)

The best photos allow me to produce a drawing that’s true to likeness. At this time I am only drawing pets; no background objects or people. Your photo should be clear, show facial details (I need to be able to see eye color — no red eye, blurriness, or pupil reflections), and should not include too many dark shadows. The eyes are one of the most important features, and allow me to make a connection with your pet. Clear photos allow me to capture their true soul. I prefer that your pet be looking directly at the camera, but that is not a requirement.

If your pet has any special markings or colorings I should know about (freckles, fur coloring or patterns, etc.), please let me know. The more I know about your furry one, the better I’ll be able to convey his/her uniqueness in my drawing. Feel free to submit more than one photo.

View some drawings & paintings… Visit my Instagram for current works.

Dogs * Cats * Birds * Critters

Ordering, Payment & Shipping…

At this time, only pet portraits are available (no human peeps, please). Please send me an email via this contact page. I will reply so you could then send at least 2-3 clear, close-up photos of your pet(s) for portrait drawings (no bodies). Large photos work best, and photos that show details in the face (especially the eyes) will allow me to fully capture your pet’s spirit.

I will then send you an email reply with details, and send an invoice via PayPal for a 50% nonrefundable deposit to start work. Once the deposit is received, I will send you an email with a tentative completion date for your drawing (time frame depends on work load, but usually is within 2-3 weeks). Once your drawing is completed, I will send you a digital image to preview via email, and a second and final invoice via PayPal for final payment.

How long does it take…

I work on commissions on weekends, so I may have your painting done in 3-4 weeks… sometimes sooner, depending on my schedule.


Currently, all commissioned drawings are created with watercolor paints on 140lb high quality paper, in 8″x10″. Please keep in mind that there is a limited amount of space on each sheet. The black borders you see around the drawings on this site, and the ‘’ logo, will not be on your drawing. Drawings are shipped signed, unmatted, and unframed. As mentioned above, there is a nonrefundable deposit of 50% before each painting is started, or if you prefer, you can pay for the painting in advance.

Your pets in WATERCOLORS

*January 2022 NEW PRICING* As of January 1, 2022, 8″x10″s will be $250 (1 pet, includes free shipping and tracking via the USPS to US & Canada addresses only. ADDITIONAL FEES NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE (each will be calculated per order): Insurance and international shipping and Customs fees.)

Each painting is given the same amount of care, consideration, and beauty. Due to the amount of time it takes to complete each painting, there are no discounts for multiple orders. Custom sizes are considered upon request. Please contact me with inquiries.

Return Policy…

After your drawing is completed, I will send you a digital photograph for your viewing. Pending any minor adjustments (within reason, such as adding a freckle here and there), and invoice balance, your artwork will be shipped First Class via the USPS (usually within 2-4 days after completion, to allow time for drying), with delivery confirmation. If you would like to insure your drawing for shipping, please let me know — insurance is additional. Due to the detailed work and time involved, there are no refunds on custom artwork.


I, as the artist, hold the copyright to each commissioned drawing, and all rights for reproducing each drawing, for any purpose, including commercial use. All commissioned artwork includes one drawing and permission for purchaser to reproduce drawing only for personal, non-commercial use. Copies of all commissioned artwork may be made available for sale to the public in my store.

If you would like to have your pet’s portrait done, please contact me and let me know. I would love to see photos of your furry one. :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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